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Between Lot-et-Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde, lies the terroir of the Côtes de Duras vineyards

The geography of the Duraquois country is chiseled by a succession of hills, roads, steep paths and valleys that make the richness and beauty of this territory. This beautiful piece of land, offers by its qualities, a place conducive to the culture of the vine. It is there that is implanted on 35 hectares of vineyards, le Domaine de la Tuilerie la Breille, independent producer of Côtes de Duras wine.
The history of this region goes back to the twelfth century. Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry Plantagenet, the future king of England. Conflicts then broke out which lasted for 3 centuries. The vineyard will go through the Hundred Years' War, but will remain quite well spared. History also tells that in order to limit the production of wine, Louis XV forbade the planting of new vines. As a result, the region saw the birth of mulberry trees and the resulting brandy. After the invasion of the English, historically the vineyard in Côtes de Duras will go through the two world wars.
It is during the Second World War, on February 16, 1937, that the wines in Côtes de Duras obtain the famous mention AOC (appellation of controlled origin).
This recognition of this terroir marks its difference and authenticity with its neighbors in the Bordeaux vineyards. To further mark the trademark and its identity, in 2014, November 3 is the Interprofession of Bergerac and Duras wines.
The Côtes de Duras vineyard is located at the crossroads of three departments: Lot-et-Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde. Fifteen communes are located in the Duras vineyard area. Located on a hillside, close to the river, this exposure and the quality of the soil give the atypical character of the production of red wines, white wines, rosé wines Côtes de Duras.

The different Côtes de Duras wines

The Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée or Protected Designation of Origin Côtes de Duras offers red, dry white, sweet white and rosé wines

You will not be outdone in finding different Côtes de Duras wines, from red to white.

  • For the red Côtes de Duras wines, the division is made between the Merlot grape variety and the Cabernets. This mixture brings roundness in mouth and tannins for power and length in mouth. You will find either aged in oak barrels for more character and authenticity or aged in stainless steel tanks.
    • For the Côtes de Duras rosé wines, you will find a fruity wine. To be served chilled, around 8 degrees, in the mouth, you will find refreshing notes of red fruits. Grape variety Merlot and Cabernet Franc.
    • For the Côtes de Duras white wines, two wines are available. The sweet white, Sémillon grape variety, sometimes Muscadet grape variety, delivers aromas of candied fruits, soft, subtly sweet, it is a light wine to drink with dessert, as an aperitif or to accompany a plate of foie gras from the South West. You can also taste the dry white wine, this Sauvignon grape variety, is drunk fresh. Fruity with some acidulous notes, it will be a perfect match for your seafood.
    All this panel of different wines Côtes de Duras, you will find it in the domain of the Tuilerie la Breille located on the commune of Loubès-Bernac.
    The grape varieties found on the Duras terroir are :
    • Le cabernet Franc
    • Le Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Le Côt
    • Le Merlot
    • Le Chenin
    • Le Mauzac
    • La Muscadelle
    • L’Ondenc
    • Le Sauvignon
    • Le Sauvignon gris
    • Le Sémillon
    The Côtes de Duras wines have joined the Bergerac wines, in order to highlight the continuity of the landscapes and the terroir of these wines of character. This great vineyard of southwest France, not far from the Bordeaux vineyard, expresses all the conviviality and know-how of the Lot-et-Garonne and the neighboring Dordogne. In Lot-et-Garonne, wine is the companion of our dear southwestern gastronomy and Duras wines are there to sublimate it.
    L’ensemble des terres viticoles reposent sur un sol constitué de marnes, de molasses, d’argile et de calcaire.
    The maritime climate, although a bit further from the coast, has a bit more seasonal variation. Mild springs favor early budding, while warm, sunny summers provide excellent ripening opportunities, especially due to the region's generally southern exposure. In autumn, morning fogs followed by warm afternoons are conducive to the development of Botrytis cinerea (a polyphagous fungus), which is a parasite but considered a "noble rot", and some sweet white wines are made under the appellation Côtes de Duras. In continuity with its Bordeaux cousin, the Côtes de Duras has no reason to be ashamed of offering different quality wines.
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The Domaine de la Tuilerie La Breille and its Côtes de Duras wines

You will have the pleasure, while strolling on the roads of the Lot-et-Garonne or while making the road of the wines, to find on your route the wine Domain: The Domain of the Tuilerie La Breille. A family business since the 1940s, it produces wines in the Côtes de Duras. Out of its 35 hectares, six bottles are honored:
• Vin rouge traditionnel
• Vin rouge vieillit en fût de chêne
• Vin blanc moelleux
• Vin blanc sec
• Vin rosé
• Vin typé mousseux « La Méthode »
It is one of the oldest wineries in the Protected Designation of Origin for Duras wines. All the work accomplished over the years has allowed the owners of the winery to collect titles more prestigious than the others:
• Coup de cœur vin guide Achette en 2017 pour le blanc sec
• Médaille d’Or au salon de l’agriculture en 2017 pour le blanc sec 2016
• Médaille d’Or concours des vins de Lot-et-Garonne 2013 – 2014
For those who prefer wine in cubes, you will have the choice to find the traditional red wine, the rosé and the dry white in 5L packaging. Ideal for summer evenings, barbecues, or picnics with family and friends.
Moreover, the passion of the vine brings the Domaine de la Tuilerie La Breille to make a grape juice in the spirit of what was done in the past.
So, if you come in the country of Duras, come and visit les domaines viticoles en Côtes de Duras and consider tasting, in moderation, the Côtes de Duras wines at Domaine de la Tuilerie La Breille.


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